My wife and I worked together at the same graphic design agency for over ten years, but an ever-growing list of our own freelance clients and an itch to see more of the world helped spur our decision to leave the daily grind behind and start Dovi Design & Illustration.

When our clients ask where we’re based, we reply, “Our office is everywhere.” Thanks to high-speed internet connections, we no longer have to be anchored to an office, city, state, or even country. We continue to work for and collaborate with our clients while living in different locations across North America, Europe and Asia. We find inspiration everywhere we go, bringing a unique flavor and global perspective to our work – whether it’s copy, design or illustration.

“Tony’s the kind of guy you want on your team. Someone who enjoys his job is a rare treat. He is just bursting with energy and creativity, and his enthusiasm is contagious.”Luke L., Bullseye Records

“Wow… these are beyond my expectations! I cannot wait to send them to the group!”Rebecca M., Client

“You are a rockstar, Tony! These [designs] are fantastic!!!!!!”Lisa C., Creative Director

“The updated booklet looks awesome! As always, the work you do is beautiful!”Cindy K., Fazio’s Chocolate

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